About Maharaja Food Products Brand

The Maharaja Food Products Brand

We are a leading Sri Lankan Food Company that has been serving both local and foreign customers for over three decades. Maharaja Food Product brand specializes in premium quality processed food manufactured with the freshest and the finest local ingredients.  Born in 1958 as “Lanka Stores” with humble beginnings. With the dedication and the iron will of the founder, the late Mr. Sivasaranam , Lanka Stores became a thriving venture in the local retail industry by the 1970s. In 1983 the Ganganathan family, of the late Mr. Sivasaranam who were with an innovative optimistic business mind, re-launched the family business as “GTV Enterprise (Pvt) Limited”, laying the foundation for a novel chapter. The business initially started manufacturing hand-roasted rice flour which was a well sough after product on the island with a massive demand.  With the popularity and soaring demand created for Maharaja hand-roasted rice flour, the business was expanded into a flourishing food product manufacturer in the country. 

Today there is a wide portfolio of products being manufactured under Maharaja Food Products. Our brand is synonymous with producing high quality food products with superior ingredients obtained from local farmers.  The brand essence of Maharaja Food Products is offering our customers food products which are truly rich of nutrients and high-quality. We manufacture all sort of flour varieties, a gourmet of ground & whole versions of spices and may other items including hand pounded rice, Maldivian fish chips, odiyal, papadam, and roasted Semolina. Maharaja Tea leaves and Maharaja Coffee are also quality products manufactured under of our brand.