Increased waist line and decreased lifetime

A moment on the lips and a life time on the hips! This is the bittersweet behind indulging your sugar tooth with dozens of titchy delights and fatty dishes. You would definitely get something more than a sweet fettering time with your favorites and that is obviously “an increased waistline”.  In the long term the said expanded waist line might become the major reason why the lifetime is shorten.  Statistics of the Diabetics Association of Sri Lanka reveal that there are nearly four million diabetics in Sri Lanka.  Imagine how many of your loved ones are within this four million and how many others are about to fall into this category? More and more youngsters are being afflicted by the disease day by day. Unfortunately we have taken no serious steps as a country to battle against diabetes.  The World Health Organization has already predicted diabetes to become the 7th leading cause of death in the world by the year 2030 which is a very critical situation.

Among children the major cause for diabetes is overweight whereas food habits and obesity are main causes among adults. At a glance we can identify that all these major causes of diabetes are either directly or indirectly influenced by “unhealthy food”. Thus uprooting diabetes is significantly depending on changing food habits of the nation.  By then we can prevent the development of Type 2 Diabetes up to 80 percent.

You might not even realize how a little habit like munching chips in front of your night time TV show can impact on your body. Let us see how you can break from your bad food habits today itself but certainly it requires a great deal of will power and determination.  Let us put these weight-loss stumbling blocks into practice.

·         Try swapping out your typical plate for a tiny plate

·         Do not eat straight away from a container/package

·         Stop endless snacking and switch to fresh fruits and salads

·         Always grab a healthy breakfast no matter how busy you are

·         No wolfing down food, always slow-down your eating

·         Get enough sleep everyday

·         Say no to high-fat, high-sugar junkies though it is hard

What are unhealthy food that result in weight gain and promote obesity? Basically your favorite indulgences; “Junk Food” are in the category of unhealthy food. The reason why they are unhealthy is that they are high-calorie and full of empty carbs. There is one way that allows you to still have your favorites but in a healthy manner. Instead of using wheat flour, your top cravings like burghers, doughnuts, pastries and many such food items can be prepared with healthy ingredients. We at Maharaja Food offer you a wide range of such gluten free quality flour varieties at a reasonable price. As a country we all can start shifting to such healthy flour varieties, giving up the everyday consumption of wheat flour. Now you can start your healthy diet with Maharaja Flour range including hand-roasted rice flour, Chakki Atta flour and Kurakkan flour.

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